Electronic Health Records

By definition, integrated systems are more efficient. The MTBC web based EMR Software leverages the full functionality of its web-based Practice Management (PM) tools and services so that we can help you extend the reach of your staff. The web based EMR works seamlessly with all of its services.

Seamless Integration

Whether you access the web based EMR Software or the online PM, you are accessing one cohesive ecosystem that has all of the tools you need to document clinical visits, access financial information, or manage office documents and charts. The Web Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and PM are updated simultaneously with your most recent financial and clinical information.

Web Based EMR Dashboard

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) dashboard displays relevant information about Medication Refills, Documents, Messages, Tasks, Schedules, Lab Results and much more! With 14 available widgets, this application is fully customizable and it is the place for you to manage each aspect of your practice.

PM Dashboard

It displays relevant information about charges, payments, adjustments, scheduled appointments and pending claims! It also provides one click access to the Secure Support Center, A/R reports, and daily work Confirmation tools. Users can customize their own panel for any specific role through EMR.

Mobile Dashboard & Tools

Access your data from anywhere at any time. MTBC's iPhone, iPad and Android apps allow you to securely access your practice data. It electronically prescribes medications, access EMR, comprehensively use completed chart notes, and contact patients and pharmacies. With automated SMS tools, administrators can subscribe to daily SMS alerts for charges, payments, and appointments.

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